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Prospect App

Your marketing and admissions departments use emails and phone calls to stay in touch with prospective students. With rapid proliferation of smart phones and tablets, you now have an opportunity to engage meaningfully with your applicants using our mobile app. You can push campus news and events, messages from peer group and leadership team, application status etc. to the prospect. Prospect can get campus information, track his inquiry and application, send and receive documents all from the comfort of his home.

Build your Brand

Your institution will be seen as an innovative adopter of latest technologies. Brand the app with your logo and color scheme. Make useful information (facilities, infrastructure, and accommodation) available for the prospects.

Personalize Communications

Provide targeted information about courses and admissions. Enable the prospective students to chat with your admissions counselors using mobile devices. Send out reminders and alerts regarding application status and deadlines. Send offer letters and receive acknowledgement through the app.

Nurture your leads

You can consider a prospect that downloads the app as a warm lead. Now your admissions counselors can focus on such leads to improve conversion rates. Usage of the app can be tied to lead scoring and nurturing in your CRM. You can respond to prospect inquiries using the app.


Increase Enrollment

By tailoring your communication to suit prospect interests, ensure deeper involvement of the prospects with your brand. Influence the prospective students to choose you over other schools. Social media sites can be integrated to bring the prospect into the campus community.

Mobile Analytics

Analyze the app usage and gauge the user behavior to create more engaging applications in the future. Use analytics to measure the trends in content consumption. Gain better understanding of the student preferences.


Success App

Success App packs in the power of software technology from the convenience of hand-held devices such as mobile/tablets and makes it easy to keep the student engaged. Our aim is to put your ‘campus on students’ everyday devices’.

Live Support

Students can now get in touch with staff instantly. They can choose from the list of issues and decide on the medium of communication such as email, call, chat, conference or appointments.


Keep your students updated on latest news about the school through website and twitter feed that directly integrate with the application dashboard. Also, allow them to book appointments with staff and access course timetables to stay on track with the schedule.

Issue Resolution

Students can now report issues and log queries through their hand held devices. They can also track ticket status and add notes during ticket processing. They can fill out satisfaction surveys for issue resolution.

Knowledge Base

Provide instant help to students from the repository of frequently asked questions, which is regularly updated for quick reference and self-help. This leads to self-service among students and relieves the pressure on the school to keep responding to repetitive queries.

Student Life

Provide detailed profile of students and their view of engagement with the institution. The students can view information such as finance, academics, support etc. from a single dashboard. It can also give them an indication of their participation in different campus forums, their grades etc.

Learning Lounge

Students can now share notes amongst peers to facilitate healthy learning and knowledge sharing. Staff members can also upload and share classroom notes with the students. Students can review documents uploaded by their peers and assign ratings - a great way to encourage student-led education.

Engage2Serve Mobile App

The Engage2Serve application uses mobile technology to empower and engage students with relevant information and resources delivered to them directly on their smart phones and tablets. A college or University can go live very quickly on this SaaS model software platform and intensify student engagement almost instantly through mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Engage2Serve has two components:

  • 1. The Engage2Serve Mobile App – providing student access to helpdesk and FAQ’s, event registration, appointment scheduling, student communities, custom content, alerts, and Twitter feeds. The Engage2Serve app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Students can download this college branded app from app stores on both platforms.
  • 2. The Engage2Serve cloud-based Staff Portal – providing tools to communicate with students, publish content, create and manage events, schedule appointments, configure to send alerts and notifications to students, and respond to student Help Desk inquiries.

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